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Digital Transformation

CorporateLounge specializes in utilizing digital technologies to optimize business practices and culture.

Change Management

We don’t just deliver. CorporateLounge supports you to embed change management as a core competency within your organization; reducing your reliance on external consultants.

Custom application development

Allow us to get you from concept to completion. Our team of experts specialize in creating applications that improve your productivity.

Contract Management

Let CorporateLounge review your contracting processes and offer solutions that manage your operations and risks while moving you from contentious negotiations to carefully, crafted win-win solutions.

Corporate Lounge Consulting

Quality assurance testing

CorporateLounge helps you define and implement appropriate strategies and methodologies for your test automation services, and then measure and evaluate them. With the emphasis on time-bound delivery and customized solutions, our quality assurance services help our partners manage the quality of their deliverables while keeping costs low.


CorporateLounge leaves organizations and their people in a better place – more changeable, more engaged and better equipped for creating a better future. We go beyond strategic documents and build strategic organizations.

Gap Analysis

Let us review your process and identify those gaps that may be keeping you from results you’ve considered unobtainable.

Policy development

Are outdated policies causing roadblocks to results? Let us help you understand how you can remain compliant with systems that are realigned to lead.

Professional Development
and Training

We design learning experiences that solve business problems. Our professional development programs improve employee performance and increase revenue.

Agile Transformation

As organizations extend their use of Agile, they soon compromise their approach or stall because of existing practices, environmental constraints, third-party arrangements and the way the organizations control risks and make decisions. Approaches like Scrum don’t provide the answer to these challenges, but solutions do exist. Unlock the full benefits of Agile through training and coaching.

Vendor management

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